Punt School: Semester 1

IT'S been an up-and-down start to 2020 so far, but things are really heating up now as we prepare for arguably our biggest couple months of the calendar year.

Punt School 2020

A NEW YEAR is just around the corner and, as always, we're continually working to better ourselves and our service. There was an undeniable level of regression in certain...

Lecture 5: The emotional rollercoaster

THE emotional swings of sports betting are unlike anything experienced by people not involved in a risk induced industry. The timing of this piece is as much for you...

Lecture 4: The importance of pricing

"IF you're playing it at $1.85 why aren't you playing it at $1.75? They're basically the same things." I get this question a lot, and it almost seems unreasonable...

Lecture 3: Understanding CLV

LOSING a bet isn't fun, especially when enduring a rough week/month. We've all heard that a losing bet isn't necessarily a bad bet, but what does that actually mean?

Lecture 2: Value Betting

ONE of the most spoken about terms in sports betting is the ideology of "value betting". But, if we're honest, do you really know what that means?

When Cold Streaks take over

THINGS have been pretty rosy lately however that's surely going to fall flat soon; it's part and parcel of being a sports bettor. Whether you're a full-time capper, a part-time investor or a just a...