TOUGH streaks are on the horizon, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

That’s the harsh reality of sports betting – you can’t win all the time.

Bookies are designed to make money. Their lines, totals and prices are carefully formulated to maximise their profits at the expense of the betting public.

Our job is to show you how you can win long-term, and we’ve been fortunate enough to do just that.

If you want to make money every day then sports betting is not for you.

That’s not to say you can’t make profits (our results will show you it’s certainly possible), it just means it’s a tough battle that involves strict discipline and a willingness to lose and learn.

Keeping your emotions in check is key to any discipline. The great sports players in the world will tell you how important it is to stay level-headed regardless of the situation.

Look at Roger Federer for example.

He could be down 5-4 in the fifth set at Wimbledon, serving to stay in the match. Alternatively, he could be up two sets and leading 4-1 in the third while en route to another Grand Slam title.

What do these two scenarios share in common? The same emotional discipline. A trained behaviour to do what’s necessary by trusting himself and believing in what has worked thus far.

One of the biggest hinderances to any part-time punter is their inability to control their emotions; during both winning and losing runs.

It makes sense why people bet emotionally when they lose. They want to win it back, and they want to win it back now.

To say this is a dangerous trait is an understatement because regardless of the outcome those following bets are teaching habits that will become harder to break over time.

Let’s say you lose 3.50 units in a day. You decide that you’re going to make a 5 unit play on a “sure thing” to make it back and turn the day into a positive.

There are two outcomes here. You lose and finish the day -8.50 units, leaving you in a bigger hole and in a worse emotional state, or you win and break even, or better yet finish with a small profit – but that’s a bad outcome as well.

The moment you chase and win is the moment you surrender all discipline and allow emotional betting to take over.

Sports betting should be fun. It should be an added level of enjoyment to fans who are already enthralled by the magic and love of sports.

The funny thing is that winning streaks can also develop bad habits that will only show when things go sour, which at some point will happen.

Betting recklessly with “winnings” is simply feeding the bookies and feeding the belief that we can win it all back again – even if you have to chase.

Developing this behaviour makes staying discipline impossible – it also makes winning in the long run impossible.

The simple fact is this; you can’t make profit betting with emotion.

You’re going to have losing days, possibly even losing weeks, but remaining calm and learning from those losses is the only way to turn things around.

Don’t let emotions control your actions. Whether it’s sports betting, or any other aspect of your life. Stay in control and always remain level-headed.

– Please remember, we do not support gambling as a way of dealing with other problems. You should never gamble more than you can afford. If you need help dealing with your gambling problems please visit Gambling Help Online for more information.